June 23, 2011 Latest News

  • Juilliard Commencement 2011
  • The Juilliard Store offers online shoppers an amazing range of apparel, gifts, and plenty of music books and score sheets for jazz and classical lovers, including items for Commencement 2011.
  • By Juilliard Store
  • New Discovery Regarding Huntington's Disease
  • Researchers have found a way to reduce the rate of degeneration of Huntington's disease in fruit flies by targeting a particular enzyme. Huntington's disease is a condition in which there is progressive loss of function and structure of neurons in the brain.
  • By Medexpressrx
  • Thomson Data releases SAP Users Email List
  • Thomson Data, a leading provider of business and technology lists, have launched a comprehensive mailing list of SAP users. These mailing lists help to reach companies that have deployed SAP technologies such as SAP ERP, SAP CRM, Etc.
  • By Thomson Data
  • The Dei Fashion Store is now on-line
  • The DEI GROUP is one of the most famous fashion retailer in Tuscany. The compnay's stores are settled in Pisa and offer a wide range of worldwide known fashion brands, such as Paul Smith, Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemesteer, Martin Margiela, Aspesi, Golden Goose, Car Shoe
  • By Dei Fashion Store
  • The Copy House introduces blog writing services for effective brand promotion
  • The Copy House has introduced blog writing services as an effective tool in brand promotion. The Copy House is a leading provider of content services in India. This service is useful to brands and SEO companies and is an important part of SEO and social media initiatives. Its expert blog writers will take up client blogs and help to shape perceptions as well as create a loyal base of readers.
  • By The Copyhouse
  • LA Mobile Billboards Offers Unique Advertising Opportunity
  • At Los Angeles-based LA Mobile Billboards, we deliver high-impact, eye-catching mobile advertising opportunities to companies that understand the importance of hitting a moving target. From start ups to Fortune 500 clients, we work with businesses of all sizes to break through the media clutter and achieve their mobile marketing goals.
  • By Star One Public Relations
  • Softerra Releases Adaxes 2011.2
  • Softerra today releases the next version of its Softerra Adaxes Active Directory management solution. Version 2011.2 is a minor release that introduces enhancements and improvements to the existing software features.
  • By Softerra Llc