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  • Bob Richards
  • 1647 Willow Pass Road. #164
  • Phone: 866-452-8354
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  • Prospect Match helps financial professionals who are wasting time and earning too little. If you are earning less than $100,000 a year, you're either not serious, or doing the wrong things and we can show you what to do. If you are earning $100,000-$300,000 annually, you've figured some things out. But those who use our systems see their income top $500,000 annually because they spend their days doing marketing the right way, talking to motivated affluent prospects and they sell the right way.
Prospect Match Press Release -

  • ProspectMatch Launches A New Service Computerized Retirement Analysis Prospects
  • ProspectMatch Computerized Retirement Analysis Prospects These people responded to the ad for a free computerized retirement analysis. These are people concerned about their retirement, and the ad is worded to attract people ready to retire or already retired (as opposed to younger people saving for retirement).
  • They have concerns about how to harvest their assets, their retirement plans, and running out of money. In other words, they seek help in getting thei ...
  • June 23, 2011 
  • ProspectMatch Free Ebook Provides Financial Advisors Prospect Match
  • Financial advisors get a lot of tactical advice but not much strategy Prospect Match provides its free ebook "How to be a Million Dollar Producer" to financial advisors and insurance professionals at Bob Richards, Vice President or Marketing says it's something different than most advisors ever see.
  • Free Ebook Provides Financial Advisors Strategies to Grow Business

    "Financial advisors get a lot of tactical advice on things like gene ...
  • June 14, 2011
  • Prospect Match Provides Employees an Incentive to Turn Back Global Warming
  • "We provide any employee who has been with us for a year a $3,000 rebate if they purchase a hybrid or electric car that gets 40mpg or better, combined. We do this not only because of the global warming issue," says Bob Richards, Marketing VP for Prospect Match.
  • "While everyone is waiting for someone else to do something about the world's problems, we realize that it starts here. By driving cars that have few ...
  • June 07, 2011