December 17, 2011 Latest News

  • Active Learning Approach in Classroom through QOMO Classroom Clickers
  • The Electronic whiteboards warehouse intends to influence instructors to use instant classroom response systems to conduct in time quizzes, assessments, and feedback collection, forcing students to focus on knowledge and instructions delivered in the classroom. Enhance Audience Response Systems exhibits wide wireless range for communication between student and instructor remotes.
  • By Clary Business Machines Co.
  • Borderless Access Panels expands to Argentina
  • Borderless Access Panels has announced the launch of its latest addition in the growing list of proprietary panels - Argentina. The emerging markets online panel specialist had recently expanded its capabilities from Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico into South Africa, empowering global organizations to conduct research in high potential markets.
  • By Borderless Access Panels Pvt. Ltd
  • StandOut Luggage Announces Launch of Company and Its Product
  • Standout Luggage is a state of the art luggage design that allows you to customize your personal luggage. Personalizing your luggage allows you to express your personality while enhancing the security of your personal items. We believe that your own individuality is important to you. StandOut Luggage Company allows you to utilize YOUR style, YOUR pictures,YOUR message, YOUR personality. Make
  • By Standout Luggage
  • Estonia Adopts GuardTime Digital Signatures
  • GuardTime, today announced that the Estonia Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications signed a memorandum of co-operation, according to which Estonia will start looking for opportunities to implement digital signatures in e-state information systems.
  • By Guardtime Pte Ltd