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  • Ivan Milyaev
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  • Vatuma Games is part of Vatuma, the media and technology company, known for its advanced Wordpress themes (including the Clear Line Theme and the Aesthete Theme) and its Web 2.0 development work. Vatuma Games was started by Ivan Milyaev specifically to create Word Tower, but now with its team of dedicated developers, Vatuma Games is destined to create many more engaging and fun games for the Android and other mobile platforms
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  • Traditional Word Game Turned into Modern Android App; Word Tower Released
  • Word Tower is a traditional word game played by generations of children and adults and it has now been turned into an Android App. Anyone who loves crosswords, word searches or Scrabble will love Word Tower.
  • Vatuma Games, a mobile gaming company, is pleased to announce the release of Word Tower a unique, fun, addictive and educational word game for Android ...
  • December 17, 2011