September 30, 2014 Latest News

  • Mapline Mapping Software Releases 2 More Tutorials Videos
  • To promote the importance of mapping in the simplest forms, Mapline continues its advocacy to design new mapping features and release video tutorials to help people from all walks of life to understand the value of mapping and to live knowing how better life is with maps.
  • By Mapline
  • CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES Unveils Mega-powerful Sa75 Switching Amplifiers
  • CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES of France, in partnership with G2ELab, has developed a new range of powerful amplifiers using switching amplifier technology. The company's SA75D model is the most powerful amplifier on the market for piezo actuators and is designed for applications that demand reactive power (anti-vibration, fast actuation, vibration generation, etc.) such as aeronautics, machine tools.
  • By Ubifrance Uk
  • Exciting Updates In The Latest Version Of "T Box Backup"
  • T Box Backup for Microsoft Azure lets you to safeguard your business-critical information and avoids business risks by just relying on your local-level Backups. T Box allows maintaining fully automatic scheduled backup at your convenience with minimal human IT support involvement.Computer Solutions East had recently released the Beta version of its first ever application - T Box Backup.
  • By Computer Solutions East
  • GreenOffOn's New Features
  • GreenOffOn has majorly modified its online platform - it became more modern, comfortable and secure to use. The Internet portal has been transferred to a new technological platform. New adaptive web design has been implemented. Russian version is fully functioning.
  • By Greenoffon
  • Cisdem Launches Complete Macintosh PDF Management Solution
  • Cisdem, one of the leading software developers for Mac, today introduced PDFManagerUltimate for Mac, giving Apple Mac users the complete ability to read, edit, convert, annotate, protect, merge, split, compress, and sign PDF files for a fraction the price of Adobe Acrobat.
  • By Cisdem
  • ITTIA Sync Adapter Connects Android to Big Data
  • Due to an unprecedented influx of sensitive data that is managed and collected on mobile devices, ITTIA is offering a state-of-the-art bidirectional synchronization solution for Android apps that enables big data collection on-the-go. ITTIA DB SQL communicates with ITTIA DB Sync, and uses a back-end RDBMS to store device data in existing tables and download updates specific to each device.
  • By Ittia