March 02, 2011 Latest News

  • FDA Approved - Cold Laser Micro-Current Combination Therapy
  • The LaserTouchOne Low Level Laser Therapy Device is a FDA approved, clinical-grade pain management tool that combines the therapeutic benefits of both laser light and micro-current electrical stimulation therapies into one convenient handheld applicator to treat pain at the source for long term pain relief.
  • By Activeforever
  • SWIFT Weather Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary
  • Established in 2000, SWIFT Weather is a part of Groves Internet Consulting Inc. It has been serving thousands of residential, commercial and government customers with its series of reliable, award-winning weather tracking and analysis software.
  • By Swift Weather
  • TaptoPay joined the first African Public Transport Congress and Exhibition
  • TaptoPay, a global supplier of Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems, participated in the first African Public Transport Congress and Exhibition, which brought together various policymakers, experts and stakeholders in the transport and mobility sectors from Africa and other continents to explore possible sustainable public transport services for a competitive African economy.
  • By Taptopay Limited