June 20, 2013 Latest News

  • Hach Launches DR 900 Handheld Colorimeter
  • The DR 900 is made for use in harsh and challenging field environments. Ruggedly constructed, waterproof, dustproof, drop tested and shock resistant, this colorimeter ensures reliability in all conditions.
  • By Hach
  • Knexus Content Engagement Platform Goes Multi-Language in New Release
  • The latest version of Knexus' Platform includes some major improvements, the most eye-catching being multi-language. The Platform now supports languages including Chinese, Spanish, Portugese, French & Turkish. There is also a much improved Online Help Centre, enhanced analytics capabilities & multi-device video delivery. Finally, there are new Carousel & HTML features on the Content Hub App.
  • By Knexus
  • New iPad App Delivers More Legendary Like Slicing Action Game Play
  • Independent developer Ulrik Motzfeldt, the creator of games such as Snow Daze, Walrus Pet, Greenland Today Magazine Pictures and others, has announced the release of a new application for the iPad called, Pukiimon HD to very positive app store user reviews. Pukiimon HD for the iPad provides action and adventure in a true progressive slicing game reminiscent of the popular classic Fruit Ninja.
  • By Ulrik Motzfeldt
  • Shakacon Showcases Emerging IT Security and Risk Management Topics
  • The fifth annual edition of Shakacon, Hawaii's premier IT security conference hosted and managed by Secure DNA, will exceed participation levels of all previous years. This year's projected attendance has participants traveling from across the globe to participate in informative sessions on risk management, Windows security, mobile security and malware.
  • By Secure Dna