October 02, 2010 Latest News

  • Boxgroove is Now Associated with the Historic Rio Pinar Country Club
  • Boxgroove has added the historic Rio Pinar Country Club into their network of private golf clubs that actively participates as Boxgroove golf destinations. The charming par-72 golf course has hosted 17 PGA Tour and LPGA Tour Championships. Boxgroove members can now play at this 7,004 yards of challenging golf course where some of the greatest players of the nation have once played.
  • By Ashley Thompson
  • Private Botox Training Now Being Offered In Kansas City By Elite AMBT
  • Well-known training agency Elite AMBT is now announcing the launch of its renowned Botox Training for practitioners in Kansas City. The Botox Training program has been acclaimed in many major cities all around North America and the UK and has been established as a complete in-depth formation on Botox and Dermal Fillers.
  • By Elite Ambt
  • Unique Botox Training For Dentists Now Offered By Elite AMBT
  • Following the growing interest of dentists in getting certified in Botox injections, Elite AMBT is now presenting a new Botox Training option designed specifically for dentists. The program will follow the same concept as the regular formation but will put the emphasis on injections and information that relates to dentistry.
  • By Elite Ambt
  • Slow FDA decision affects Gender Selection in the U.S.
  • As FDA's approval of MicrosortTM remains pending, couples looking to select the gender of their children are stuck with only one reliable option: IVF combined with preimplantation genetic screening (PGS). Although PGS is more accurate than MicrosortTM, this technique can be a source of moral and religious discomfort for some.
  • By New Wave Web And Marketing
  • GlammFire receives "Flamme d'Or des nouvelles energies 2010" award
  • One year after winning the "Flamme d'Or de la Cheminee a l'Ethanol 2009" award, which distinguished the creations of the "Fire Wonderland" collection by their modernity and adaptability to different environments, GlammFire received this year a new award …the "Flamme d'Or des Nouvelles Énergies 2010".
  • By Glammfire