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  • Fashion TV is broadcasted in 202 countries to over 300 million households across the 5 continents; it is the only 24-hour fashion beauty
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  • FashionTV launches its 24/7 stream on YouTube
  • FashionTV (FTV) network announced today the start of its 24/7 Live high quality streaming direct to YouTube.com/ftv, facebook.com/ftv, and ftv.tv now available all over the world. FashionTV's most popular European uncensored signal Eutelsat 13 degrees is streaming straight to YouTube http://youtube.com/FashionTV.
  • April 19, 2011
  • Fashiontv successfully tests FTV 3D through its global HD network
  • Fashiontv successfully tests the broadcast of FTV 3D all over the world. The test will continue for one week to hear the viewers and operators reactions. FTV is planning to launch FTV HD 3D in summer of 2011. Tests will continue each day at 2pm and 11pm local time (Hong Kong, Paris, New York) on fashiontv HD. See fashiontv H3D first on all fashiontv HD channels.
  • February 16, 2011