September 28, 2010 Latest News

  • Eton Institute to Host Free Dutch Language Courses This October
  • Eton Institute to offer a FREE public course in Dutch language during the month of October. The Institute, which hosts a free language course in a different featured language every month, will conduct the language courses as part of a broader CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) vision to promote language diversity and cross-cultural appreciation in the community.
  • By Eton Institute Dubai
  • ASOMAssage Music Revolutionizes The Massage Music World As We Know It
  • ASOMAssage Music is receiving rave reviews from its members. It's the first of its kind and massage therapists from across the globe enjoy building up their music library at a fraction of the cost of buying cds, and putting them in control over what gets played and when - a luxury users of regular streaming sites simply don't get.
  • By Asoma Music