July 26, 2011 Latest News

  • Sentient Decision Science's Aaron Reid to Speak at CEO Club of Boston
  • Aaron Reid, Ph.D., Chief Behavioral Scientist, will speak at the CEO Club of Boston this Thursday, July 28 on "The Keys to Discovering the True Drivers of Consumer Behavior." In his talk, Dr. Reid will address the latest research techniques coming out of the behavioral sciences and help CEOs better understand the role the subconscious makes in consumer decision-making.
  • By Sentient Decision Science
  • IES, Ltd. Helps Importer Take a Big Step from Shenzhen to Store
  • The first containers are being off-loaded in the United States following a major rollout of IES, Ltd. technology in Shenzhen. The launch has resulted in a 63% increase in volume and 50% time savings versus the same period in the previous year. The Bakers Footwear fall lineup is scheduled to be in stores ahead of their competitors' fall season debut.
  • By Ies Ltd
  • Frankenmuth Brewery Introducing Frankenmuth Pilsener in Bottles
  • The Frankenmuth Brewery recently increased its manufacturing and supply capabilities and the Frankenmuth Pilsener will be its flagship brand with the other ales, lagers and seasonals to follow. The popularity of Michigan craft beers is on the rise and we are trying to meet the demand of the craft beer buyer by providing a variety of high quality brews.
  • By Star One Public Relations