January 31, 2012 Latest News

  • Japanese Business Investment in Thailand Under a Cloud
  • Japanese foreign investment in Thailand has taken a major hit, with an estimated 450 companies affected by last year's flooding. Lost production and high damage bills have taken a heavy toll on business investment. Thailand law firm BSA Law has advised investors to consider their legal responsibilities amid the turmoil.
  • By Bsa Law 
  • Minstrel's Alley Offers Election Special on Reagan Era Book, Beautiful Bad Girl
  • Minstrel's Alley announced it is holding the EBook Price of the best selling "Beautiful Bad Girl, The Vicki Morgan Story" through the Republican election campaign. The book documents the affair during the Reagan Administration between department store scion, Alfred Bloomingdale, and his long time mistress. "The Republican Debates have created renewed interest in the Reagan legacy."
  • By Minstrels Alley
  • Arrive Goes "Edgeless" At ISE 2012
  • EdgelessMedia™ from Arrive, brings the exciting convergence of Pro-AV with IT and provides systems designers and installers the unique opportunity of using industry standard and economical LAN cabling with the ubiquitous RJ45 jack at both ends.
  • By Arrive Systems, Inc.
  • Matrix launches new SIM card for Middle East and Africa
  • Matrix cellular has launched a new plan for Middle East and African countries. This provides a cheap variant for easy data access and also a hassle free connectivity in the growing countries of Africa and the super rich Middle East. One can access data and mails without any need of Wifi hot spots.
  • By Matrix Cellular
  • Fulton Introduces Two Steam System Training Courses
  • Leading steam boiler manufacturer Fulton Limited has introduced two one-day training courses offering a mix of theoretical and practical operational assignments, that the company claims bridges the gap between the more expensive certified courses - those that can cost many thousands of pounds per employee - and straightforward 'toolbox' training.
  • By Abb
  • Polycoat Announce New Product for Waterproofing
  • Polycoat Products, headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California specializes in the manufacturing and custom formulating of high performance, monolithic, protective polyurethanes, Truckbed Liners, and polyaspartic coatings and linings for Waterproofing, Industrial Coatings/Spray Elastomers, polyurea, Cast Elastomers, Theming and Foam applications.
  • By Polycoat Products
  • b-pack Purchase-to-Pay Solutions Launches Cloud Services in Brazil
  • b-pack, the leader in purchase-to-pay technology, today announced the launch of its new Cloud services based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Brazil Datacenters. With pre-existing platforms in the US, Europe and Asia, this SaaS-Cloud platform enables South American-based companies and international businesses with clients in South America to ensure low investments with low maintenance.
  • By B-pack
  • Best Divorce Lawyer Expands Site to Include Legal Issues of Interest
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  • By Best Divorce Lawyer