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  • We are pleased to announce that we have combined our professional forces to offer a personalized service to customers in the auction business.
    Most busy auctioneers know the importance of publicity in promoting upcoming sales events but few have the time to devote to effectively writing and distributing press releases both before and after the event.
    With your input we will prepare and distribute informational Press Releases to trade publications around the country and in England as well as to local media outlets (when requested) and significant Internet sites. Since a Press Release is normally presented as a news item, it carries enormous editorial weight and can be one of your most effective and cost-efficient marketing tools.
    Fred is a nationally syndicated columnist for many trade publications around the country and does a number of auction reports each month. Gail is a professional advertising consultant and assists her customers in the placement of strategic advertising in select trade publications.
    Together we can offer you a personalized Press Release of 300 to 500 words plus photos you provide written by Fred and distributed by Gail to trade publications, Internet sites and local media outlets. The cost for this service is $50 an hour. Many events require only three hours of work, resulting in a very reasonable cost for this service in return for the potential exposure you will receive.
    The process works to your advantage best with a long lead time between Press Release and event since many publications have early deadlines. The timing is not quite so critical for post event Releases but it does need to be completed in a timely fashion to be newsworthy. Pre-event releases pique potential customer interest and participation. Post-event releases tell your customers what they missed and invites them not to miss your next event! With our help, your potential customers can find you and keep up with all the exciting events you have to offer.
    Let us know if we may be able to assist you with this new service in promoting your next event. You can reach us at 800-387-6377.
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  • International Society of Appraisers Announces Fall 2012 Education Schedule
  • Eight courses are scheduled for October and November including Appraisal of Fine Arts, Core Course in Appraisal Studies, Requalification Course, Advanced Report Writing, Oriental Rugs, Appraisal of Antiques & Residential Contents and the 7 hour and 15 hour Personal Property USPAP Course.
  • August 18, 2012