January 08, 2011 Latest News

  • Nvolve Help's Food Companies Prove Compliance
  • Nvolve Limited helps organisation in highly regulated and audited industries consistently meet their regulatory requirements when it comes to the delivery, certification and management of training. They have helped many organisations reduce costs, increase profit and consistently achieve 100% compliance rates.
  • By Nvolve.net
  • Intelestream Implements CRM Solution For Jaffe PR
  • By migrating multiple databases to a single instance of intelecrm Enterprise Edition, Jaffe PR is now able to fully embrace the concept of Customer Relationship Management, execute high volume email campaigns, and track tasks through an intuitive and user-friendly platform.
  • By Intelestream Inc
  • As Texas Preps For Super Bowl, Lucrative Sponsor Opps Arise For VIP Events
  • Noah & Associates, Platinum Konnects and Derjers International have teamed to produce the hottest VIP events at the Hurst Convention Center Feb. 1-6th in North Texas. 25 Pro-athletes and MTV's "Tr3s" will be covering the event. Sponsors, charities and talent around the nation are encouraged to contact the team for unique opportunities during these glamorous unprecedented events.
  • By Derjers International
  • Spime Announces MapMan LBS SDK
  • Spime Inc., the leading provider of LBS technology, today announces the availability of its MapMan LBS SDK. MapMan is a comprehensive development platform enabling developers to incorporate Location Intelligence into their applications, services and content.
  • By Spime Inc
  • Indonesian Angklung Acknowledged By Unesco
  • Indonesia`s traditional music instrument, the `Angklung`, is soon to be officially delared a world heritage item by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) like batik, wayang, and the keris before. "On November 18, angklung will be declared a world heritage article ," Wardiyanto, secretary general of the Tourism and Culture Ministry, said here Thursday.
  • By Department Of Foreign Affairs