September 24, 2010 Latest News

  • ICMA-RC Working Toward Offering Roth 457
  • Joan McCallen, President and CEO of ICMA-RC, commented that "ICMA-RC is excited by the prospect of seeing this legislation signed into law, especially the Roth 457 deferral provision, as it will provide public sector employees with additional retirement savings options."
  • By Icma-rc
  • "Intex-export" Company is signing agreements with its agents from Europe and Russia
  • "Intex-export" Company has carried out marketing research on nickel wire sales market and discovered that big manufacturing and financial structures in Germany, Switzerland and Russia are interested in this kind of "Intex-export" Company's production. "Intex-export" has taken a decision to come out with Commercial offer to the attention of businessmen from above mentioned countries.
  • By Nickel-intex
  • breaches through to the top 50,000 websites globally
  •, one of India's most acclaimed trade information and service provider of Industrial and Engineering Products, announced today that its popularity has soared to such a great extent, in a very short period of time since its launch in November 2009, that its Ranking is now in the top 50,000 globally and around the top 3000 in India.
  • By Ipfonline Limited
  • Alternative Rich List 2010 winners announced
  • Three Britons recognised for their contributions to building a better society. Three of Britain's Big Society heroes will be honoured for their charity work this week, after being voted the winners of The Alternative Rich List.
  • By Imagination
  • Dot Com Infoway ventures into HTML5 development
  • HTML5 is the best-ever development platform from the HTML stable after HTML4. Understanding the potential of HTML5, Dot Com Infoway has recently stepped into HTML5 web page development and mobile application development. HTML5 is predicted to be the future of the web on account of its enormous potential to provide a new and refreshing experience to users of the web and mobile platforms.
  • By Dot Com Infoway
  • Ramon Desage Celebrates 32 Years In Business
  • Ramon Desage celebrates 32 years in business, becoming one of the nation's largest providers of Hotel Luxury Gifts and Amenities. Mr. Desage turned a serendipitous trip to Las Vegas in 1977 into a service industry empire that is known today as Cadeau Express.
  • By Cadeau Express, Inc.