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  • Ramon Desage
  • 3494 E Sunset Road
  • Phone: (800)-240-0301
  • URL:
  • Cadeau Express is goal oriented, operating with integrity and maintaining a management philosophy that is action driven and based on the highest level of business ethics. Cadeau Express years of creativity, combined with trust and accountability, has given them the highest standing in the market place.
Cadeau Express, Inc. Press Release -

  • Ramon Desage Celebrates 32 Years In Business
  • Ramon Desage celebrates 32 years in business, becoming one of the nation's largest providers of Hotel Luxury Gifts and Amenities. Mr. Desage turned a serendipitous trip to Las Vegas in 1977 into a service industry empire that is known today as Cadeau Express.
  • While Mr. Desage immersed himself in the vast network of Las Vegas Hotels, he realized that there was an abundance of quality products for this indust ...
  • September 24, 2010