September 21, 2018 Latest News

  • 24th Global Conference on Nursing Education, Nursing Care and Registered Nurse
  • We welcome all to join the 24th Global Conference on Nursing Education, Nursing care and Registered Nurse which is going to be held in Hong Kong during September 21- 22, 2018. Conference Theme for 2018: Dredge into the Advanced Approaches of Nursing This global event will be an excellent opportunity for the Nurses, healthcare, and Medicine Professionals. We are anticipating around 60+ spea
  • By Conference Series Llc
  • VTFinTech Deploys Parity One on OpenFin's Operating System
  • VTFinTech offers technology platforms for managing investment portfolios and bespoke benchmarks. Its proprietary technology also evaluates investment research for both research providers and consumers. This creates efficient price discovery of the research while ensuring compliance with the un-bundling requirements of MiFID II regulation.
  • By Vtfintech
  • National Child Protection Week Stranger Danger Online App
  • Stranger Danger Online breaks down the steps predators are using to groom people online. As you move through the data centre you encounter various people mining data and discussing the training information. You will also encounter ways in which you can protect yourself online. This is a great way to have fun while getting educated.
  • By Kerrys Computer Company