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Top Quote Mobilesentrix has introduced Interactive micro soldering parts Ordering System. Cell Phone Board Component is a very complex design. Micro Soldering is the process of fix damaged of motherboard parts. We are sharing some helpful information about logic board parts. End Quote
  • Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC (1888PressRelease) September 21, 2018 - Do you know How complex Cell Phone Board Component Parts? They are very small size and complex design. Each and every part plays an important role in Motherboard. When something goes wrong with these components you cell phone does not work properly. In the USA, Many people have not deep knowledge of cell phone Micro Soldering Parts. That’s why we are sharing some helpful information about Parts and his working.

    What is the Motherboard?
    The Motherboard is also known as Logic board and Mainboard. The motherboard is a brain of your smartphone. Basically, everything that makes your phone do what it will is found right here. The motherboard is as complicated as a human brain. If the motherboard is accidentally damaged then your mobile could malfunction in numerous ways. I.e. it may switch off without warning, stop producing. Need to careful and take help of professional Installer.

    What is Cell Phone Micro Soldering?

    The circuit board of your Mobile is full of many small difficult Component that plays an important in working your phone operate every day. If any of these components is damaged or cracked the only way to access and fix it is micro soldering. No alternative method allows one to get into these small parts without causing more damage.
    Micro Soldering is the process of Fix everything of Broken Screen to damaged motherboard parts. The Small tools are capable of soldering of smallest component hidden within the phone. For the Micro soldering you have good knowledge and experience of tools like Tri-Wing Screwdriver, Mini Electric Soldering Iron, voltmeter, Tweezers, Scaple Holder and many others. By using this tools you can resolve small damages of your phone.

    Cell Phone Micro Soldering Parts used and working
    There are many tiny parts in Motherboard. We have introduced the most used Mainboard Part’s working and use. After taking Micro Soldering knowledge you can easily replace damaged part from micro soldering part.

    FPC Connector
    • There are several types of FPC connectors. The FPC connector is for LCD, digitizer, back camera, front camera, home button, battery, charging port and power button. FPC Connector is used to connect serial or graphical LCD to the motherboard.

    Audio IC
    • Audio IC is also known as Melody IC and Cobba IC. The Audio IC is used to control the speaker and microphone of any smartphone. If Audio Chip is damaged then speaker and Microphone is not working.

    Charging IC
    • The Charging IC is located in Power section near R22. It takes input from Charger and gives output to the battery. If Charging Chip is damaged then your smartphone battery will not charge, so replace with brand new.

    Power IC
    • Power Chip is the main parts of Motherboard. It takes power from a battery and delivers to all other parts of the phone. If Power IC is damaged then your phone is dead. Replace with a new one.

    Flash IC
    • Flash IC is also known as ROM IC, RAM IC, Memory IC, and EEPROM IC. It is used to install mobile phone software. If it is damaged then your phone is not working.

    Camera LDO IC
    • Camera LDO (Low Dropout) IC is provided regulated power to the Camera. If it is damaged the Camera is not capturing photo and video properly.

    Boost Coil
    • Booster Coil located near light IC. It is used to increase the voltage and also manage output voltage of Mobile LCD Display. If it is damaged then you phone LCD is not working.

    Antenna Switch IC
    • This Antenna Switch IC is made from metal. It is used to search network and passes forward after tuning. If it’s damaged then you did not get the network.

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