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  • Sam Watson
  • Phone: 1 (202) 540-9946
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  • Mobilesentrix specialized in cellphone parts and accessories. Such as iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Sidekick, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung etc, sometimes also do other Apple parts (iPod, Nano, Video, and Touch). Our teams have been in this line for years. Before send your goods, we always do testing one by one for you. The main goal of our management team is to ensure the longevity of relationships with customers by making our customers satisfaction paramount in our business strategy. We are open for new ideas and readily accept challenges, and we firmly believe that the combination of our reasonable and competitive prices, prompt delivery.
Mobilesentrix Press Release -

  • MobileSentrix is now in CANADA
  • We at Mobilesentrix decided to make the leap forward and make Canada our next home.
  • As Mobilesentrix becomes the preferred vendor for the Wireless Repair Industry around the world, we feel it is our responsibility to make our products ...
  • July 24, 2019
  • Cell Phone LCD Swap Program
  • Mobilesentrix is introducing Cell Phone LCD Swap Program. Send your cracked and Damaged Mobile LCD Screen and you can get Brand new Cell Phone LCD Display at the lowest price. We deliver the same quality product as you would expect from MobileSentrix.
  • Mobilesentrix has just launched Swap program. Swap is a small business strategy for cell phone repair shop owners to take a broken glass and get it ôs ...
  • March 01, 2019
  • Mobilesentrix: Cell Phone Micro Soldering Parts Ordering system
  • Mobilesentrix has introduced Interactive micro soldering parts Ordering System. Cell Phone Board Component is a very complex design. Micro Soldering is the process of fix damaged of motherboard parts. We are sharing some helpful information about logic board parts.
  • Do you know How complex Cell Phone Board Component Parts? They are very small size and complex design. Each and every part plays an important role in ...
  • September 21, 2018