August 02, 2011 Latest News

  • Make Lobbying (also Lobby) Illegal by Paul Chehade
  • Lobbying (also Lobby) sounds illegal to me and others. Corporations DO NOT vote so how is it they hire most of the lobbyist? Just because they have the means and money to hire lobbyist they then have the means to induce politicians to be in their favor for upcoming laws and regulations. When many times these purposed laws and regulations are in direct contradiction to the common good. Paul Chehad.
  • By Paul Chehade  
  • Kids can fill the holidays with color w/ PadDraw Holidays for the iPad
  • Swiss based developer RIAMS Software today introduces PadDraw Holidays 1.0 for the iPad and iPad 2. This children's oriented art app gives kids of any age the chance to get into the holiday spirit by coloring in scenes from their favorite seasonal celebrations with ease. The app's coloring tools range from those easy enough for a toddler to utilize, to more advanced techniques.
  • By Comboapp 
  • Process Colour Printers Launch Brand New Website
  • One of Hertfordshire's leading print companies, Process Colour Printers, launched a brand new customer focused website earlier this month. The new website, which can be found at, was designed in direct response to research into what their customers really wanted.
  • By Process Colour Printers
  • Silverpoint Press Installs HP Indigo 3550
  • New HP Indigo user Silverpoint Press needed a printing solution for short-run work that supported its enduring commitment to sustainability while meeting its clients' demands for true offset quality. HP IPG today announced that Silverpoint Press has selected the HP Indigo 3550 Digital Press to deliver wide range of products.
  • By The Practice
  • Guided Wave Inspection for Shell in the Philippines Provided by SGS
  • SGS Industrial Services was awarded a contract to provide Guided Wave Inspection, also known as Long-Range Ultrasonic Testing, for the Shell Refinery in Batangas, Philippines on June 3, 2011. Throughout the entire contract, June 22-28, 2011, SGS inspected pipelines for defects and discontinuities; to ensure their reliability and prevent unexpected shutdowns or delays.
  • By Sgs Industrial Services
  • Gael Ltd and Sagem announce strategic partnership
  • Gael Ltd and Sagem have signed an agreement to develop an integrated gateway between Sagem's Analysis Ground Station (AGS) and Gael's Q-Pulse quality, safety, and risk management solution. The agreement will enable both companies to offer a turnkey solution that enables the recording of flight data within a safety and risk management system, with the capabilities of audit and training.
  • By Gael Ltd
  • BLC's Cruising Restaurants Website Gets a Makeover
  • Blue Line Cruises Pty Ltd., who operate a fleet of luxury cruises, Magistic Crusies and Sydney Showboats, in an effort to reach out exclusively to business houses looking for quality venues and exceptional service to hold their corporate events, have revamped their website Cruising Restaurants to target the business community in and around Sydney.
  • By Magistic Cruises
  • Russian Parliament Begins Open Government Era with Bitrix
  • Bitrix Site Manager, a professional CMS, has been chosen by the Russian Parliament - the Duma ( as the platform for its official website. The product's functionality, usability and security positions the website as one of the world's leading parliamentary online resources by openness, security, and integration with social networks.
  • By Bitrix
  • David Tobey Welded Steel Sculptures New At Three Westchester County, NY Locations
  • One of the results of Westchester sculptor and violinist David Tobey's two-and-a-half-month one-man show at the White Plains Museum in Westchester Councy has been that his work has been selected now for view at three other venues in the county, including The Washington Square Art Gallery in Rye Brook; James in Bedford Hills; and at the museum store at the Katohan Museum of Art in Katonah.
  • By J. L. Dolice
  • Punch TV Network Arrives In Louisiana
  • Punch TV was not haphazardly conceived and operationalized. Its Founder, President and CEO, Mr. Joseph Collins, analyzed the marketplace of television programming options, constructed positioning map, and identified areas of unment needs.
  • By Punch Television Network
  • CMIQ Presents: Social CRM Go Live
  • CMIQ brings the success of Social Media for Customer Management Summit and 2nd Social Media for Customer Management Summit to life in our 1st LIVE Social CRM Event.CMIQ brings the success of Social Media for Customer Management Summit and 2nd Social Media for Customer Management Summit to life in our 1st LIVE Social CRM Event.
  • By Iqpc