July 27, 2010 Latest News

  • Jinjiang Inns Expecting Sellout Summer With Fabulous Sightseeing Discounts
  • For many people, it is a sad truth the tourists in their country or city have seen more of the important sights than the locals. This summer Jinjiang Inns is encouraging extra sightseeing and travel from both tourists and local Chinese residents, with discount travel vouchers as well as free guest club membership to all of their budget Chinese hotel outlets.
  • By Jin Jiang Inn
  • Delcam aids medical CADCAM pioneers in Russia
  • One of the first medical organisations in Russia to realise the potential benefits of Delcam’s CADCAM technologies was the Saint Petersburg Scientific and Practical Center of Medical and Social Expertise, Prosthetics and Rehabilitation of the Disabled.
  • By Financial News
  • DACO Announces a New Addition to the MACX(R) Line of Bulk Containers
  • The environmentally conscious MACX48® 48x48 is reusable, 100% recyclable and unlike its wood counterparts, they will not splinter; harbor pests, pathogens or mold; and meet USDA / HACCP standards for direct food contact. Their smooth interiors can be easily cleaned and sterilized to meet sanitary requirements.
  • By Daco Corp
  • New WaterRipper Water Ball Sweeps the Northwest
  • The WaterRipper, the exciting new water ball from inventor Tim Leefeldt, made its debut last week in the Pacific Northwest at various aquatic centers. The patented design of the WaterRipper allows the ball to skip and roll over the surface of the water.
  • By Ripperball