July 14, 2010 Latest News

  • Ideal Towing, Inc. BBB Business Review Reliability Report
  • Ideal Towing is a Reliable Business reported in BBB Business Review Reliability Report, this report shows you the business reliability and services performance of ideal towing. BBB reports all believable information about some businesses, but they don't guarantee as to accuracy. It is BBB's Policy that they don't support any service, product or business.
  • By Ideal Towing
  • Smith & Ken launches Real Estate Recovery Scheme
  • Smith & Ken Real Estate is an innovative real estate consultancy and brokerage firm, offering a one-stop-shop for real estate purchase in Dubai and internationally. Their services comprise of: residential and commercial brokerage, international property sales, market research and financial advisory alliances.
  • By Smith And Ken
  • Central Eastern Europe Sees Boost In Business Process Excellence Adoption
  • Companies globally are reinvigorating their Business Process Excellence Programme. Cristian Matei, Global Head of Operational Excellence at Alstrom has spent many years focused on their CEE operations and claims that the "21st Century business needs to base its operations on the essential processes and not its functions in order to be successful."
  • By Iqpc Ltd