January 12, 2011 Latest News

  • Nora Balogh Shares Health Benefits of Her Homemade Dog Food
  • "Dog food" is big business. Over the years, with much advertising and a major dollop of convenience, it has become a deeply ingrained and rarely questioned belief among the dog-owning public that dogs are supposed to eat "dog food", consisting of manufactured kibbles poured out of a bag.
  • By Nora Balogh
  • ComboApp introduces purely scalable education with World Academy Online
  • Vancouver based ComboApp Educational Publishing & Marketing Agency is utilizing the maxims of the freemium monetization model to reshape the way consumers experience mobile education. Taking an actively scalable approach to personal education ComboApp has recently unveiled World Academy Online, their first complete and fully user governed online-based professional education hub.
  • By Comboapp
  • The New Fresh Prince of Bel Air's Legend has Begun
  • People always ask me about my gold glove. A Oscar trophy is gold and you receive one when you perform at a high level. That glove be on my arm at every event I produce because my guest can always expect an Oscar Worthy performance. I treat my guest like the viewer. They buy expensive clothes and pay to see me so I have to give them their money's worth.
  • By Foxx Management
  • Gloople - The UK's 1st "Social Sharing" E-commerce Platform
  • We have designed the UK's 1st social sharing e-commerce platform with mobile functionality. Targeting SME's it allows them to have complete control over their social commerce solution. It enables them to automate engagement with their customers, increasing their ROI around social media with a powerful, versatile and affordable platform.
  • By Gloople
  • Laboratory Testing Inc. Appoints Three Supervisors
  • Three employees of Laboratory Testing Inc. have been appointed to supervisory positions in the areas of field calibration services, testing and calibration quality assurance, and IT. The laboratory has seen significant growth in sales and staff in recent years, resulting in the need for additional supervisors.
  • By Laboratory Testing Inc.
  • Announcing Grand Opening Of DNA For Health Care Professionals
  • A new company has launched, DNAforHCP, that is a resource for healthcare businesses to save money and streamline office procedures by meeting all their needs in one easy place with a discount. DNAforHCP provides discounted rates on software, IT services, medical supplies, construction, hardware, billing and other services related to the streamlining of office procedures and profitability.
  • By A Marketing Connection
  • Suven Partners With J P Morgan Healthcare Conference 2011
  • The global top 10 drug discovery technologies market is expected to be around $ 30.8 billion in 2010 and estimated to reach $ 54 billion mark in 2015, growing at a CAGR of 11.9 % from 2010-2015. £140 million innovation investment boost following fundraising by Imperial Innovations: Pharmaleaders www.pharmaleaders.co.in
  • By Pharmaleaders