The New Fresh Prince of Bel Air's Legend has Begun

Top Quote People always ask me about my gold glove. A Oscar trophy is gold and you receive one when you perform at a high level. That glove be on my arm at every event I produce because my guest can always expect an Oscar Worthy performance. I treat my guest like the viewer. They buy expensive clothes and pay to see me so I have to give them their money's worth. End Quote
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  • Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA (1888PressRelease) January 12, 2011 - The future is now and the future is in great hands. You can't say your're great until your're able to compete with the heavy hitters of the world. Throwing a party and attracting a big crowd on an average day is one thing, but throwing a party on the biggest party day of the year and attracting a big crowd speak volumes. If you try to deny Monroe he will run circles around you. If you try to deny his brilliance he will out think you, but if you even think about denying his energy just sit back and witness his ability to move people.

    "Monroe was someone I felt I had known for years, a very humble welcoming person. Immediately I felt welcome and was kept smiling the entire night. His party was beyond just a good party. It was an experience I will never forget. I never go out, but I will come out more often to a party like this. The energy wasn't your typical Hollywood bash. It had an upscale vibe with down to earth people. That's very rare in Hollywood." Michelle Wiley (CBS's Dr. Phil Housewives)

    "Monroe is beautiful inside and out, playful, cool spirit coupled with talent and clear direction of his path and belief in God, I love him, I'm a big fan. It's awesome to be surrounded with that kind of feeling to bring in whats to be a special and amazing 2011. Grateful to have been invited."Gloria Armond (CBS's Dr. Phil Housewives)

    Partying is Monroe's playground. Billionaires, Millionaires, Celebrities, Ceos, Media, VIPs and every person in between love to party. A smart businessman never go out and search for the business, the relationships, and the popularity. In a city where status means everything Monroe knows how to bring the people of stature to his playground. When they come to the playground of Monroe he knows how to take advantage of the situation and he has the right amount of ingredients to keep the people wanting more of him.

    "Monroe brought the party to life, his energy and passion are infectious. The New Year's Eve party was incredible and I can't wait for the next Monroe party." Chef Holli (Fox's Hell's Kitchen)

    If there was ever to be a next Will Smith, Monroe has all of the qualities to fit that bill

    "When the people gave me the nickname "The New Fresh Prince of Bel Air" months ago I ran with it. It is now a hit, I'm flattered because Will Smith is one of the greatest in showbiz history and has always been my favorite actor. The truth about the name is that I am what the TV show was all about. Will was from the hood, moved to Hollywood, wasn't conservative and the rich people loved him. He had a great personality, he was smart and had a charm. When Bel Air magazine brought me on board to impact their company then everything really made sense regarding the nickname. I've been dealing with white and international people for years even before LA. In college I was very popular with the white and international kids so this crossover appeal I have dates back to my early years. It's not about where you from, it's about where you at and who you are. If you have a likeable personality, then you will build many relationships just off that. I live for the bright lights, the big moment, the pressure, the thrill and the power of great energy. Rich people give me the green light for a reason. They understand that when you go into business with me I am always going to upgrade the situation." Monroe

    Hollywood usually has just one formula for a great party and that formula is name dropping. People try to sell you on who is coming to the party when most of the time the majority of celebrities mentioned don't even show up. That means you were lied to, but the people still took your money. False advertising is a hit all around the world especially in Hollywood. Monroe has a strong following and he rely just on one name to create the party buzz, his name.

    "I've built a name for rocking the house and throwing exclusive events. That's why Bel Air brought me on board. I don't do allot of talking, I let my work speak for itself. People have a misunderstanding of what a great party is. A celebrity in your party don't make the party great. I have celebrities, CEO, Millionaires you name it, but none of that makes a great party. The party is great depending on how well it is produced. The location, the theme, the class level of the crowd, the dress attire, the music, the creative elements and the energy is what defines a great party. When I throw a party the people already know what to expect. I'm going to always give them a great experience. The question is not who's going to be there, it's when and where is the party?" Monroe

    As the time was getting close to midnight I looked around, noticed the excitement and was drawn into the personal touch of Monroe. Five minutes before the New Year he had the DJ stop the music, he got on the mic and poured out his heart to the crowd."It's New Year's Eve and you can be anywhere in the world right now, but you chose to be with me. I appreciate and love you for that."Monroe

    "That was my moment, my stage to thank everyone for coming out. Earlier in the week my Dad was like, "Go get em and stay focused", then the day of my Mom hit me with a text that said "Do what you do best and make it happen". So that's what I thought about when I was counting down looking at all these people on New Year's Eve just excited and having a great time. I did exactly what my parents told me to do. When the clock hit 12 the DJ played "All I Do Is Win Win Win" Everybody went crazy, the people were full of so much joy and all I could do was look up in the sky and thank God." Monroe

    Monroe even had guest attend that he personally admired growing up as a kid. They moved Monroe with their work through the years and it's amazing how years later those same people were moved by the work of Monroe.

    "One of the best parties ever, it was filled with all different types of people and ages for everyone. Monroe was very accommodating and not to mention cute. I usually don't like to be around a bunch of people I don't know for New Year's Eve, but this party was a good one and I will be back next year if I'm in Los Angeles." Mari Morrow (Big Mommas:Like Father, Like Son) (How To Be A Player)

    "The party was a smash. Exciting and lots of interesting guests. One of the best New Year's Eve parties ever. Monroe was amazing and he was spinning through the party meeting and greeting, what a pro. The energy was spectacular to start off the New Years. It was like fireworks right in the house."Mark Lester
    (Legendary Director/ Commando,Firestarter)

    The New Fresh Prince of Bel Air has arrived with a validation from the people. He has their heart, he has their mind and he wants everyone to feel loved in his presence. "I'm not a party promoter, I'm a producer of inspiration and 5 star occasions. You will be surprised how a smile and a hug can uplift someone. I kick it with everyone at my parties and connect with each one differently. People always ask me about my gold glove. An Oscar trophy is gold and you receive one when you perform at a high level. That glove be on my arm at every event I produce because my guest can always expect an Oscar Worthy performance. I expect an Oscar Worthy performance out of myself so I treat my guest like the viewer. They buy expensive clothes and pay money to see me so I have to give them their money's worth." Monroe

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