November 14, 2011 Latest News

  • Stanton Law LLC: Bringing Big Law Experience to the Southeast's Business Owners
  • Stanton Law LLC, a law firm focused on the practice of employment law from the employer's perspective, opened its doors this week in Atlanta. "Business owners and company managers face so many challenges today. I truly enjoy helping my clients implement the proper employment policies, structure, and procedures to ensure that this is one area about which they don't have to worry," said Stanton.
  • By Bbr Marketing
  • Real-world Thriller Released by Noted Author Ken Anderberg
  • The tale of "Brothers Lost," a new novel from author Ken Anderberg, begins in a federal prison in Florida, and leads its main characters through Mexico, Singapore and, finally, Pakistan. Anderberg weaves a suspense-filled tale as his characters travel around the globe before ending up to Islamabad, in search of an exclusive interview.
  • By Aim Communications
  • GEW 2011 kicks-off Tomorrow in Jordan
  • In synchronization with 110 other countries, Jordan hosts the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011 (GEW) for the third consecutive year on Monday, and continues its activities in various cities around Jordan until next Sunday (20th) evening.
  • By Prlaunchers
  • Unique Exhibit Displayed At The Rubin Gallery In NY City
  • The latest exhibit on earlier paintings from Tibet has just opened at the Rubin museum in NY City. The Rubin gallery is best called a not-for-profit museum dedicated to the art of the Himalayas. (For individuals who don't know, this gallery takes up 70,000 square feet in a space formerly a part of Barney's Department store in Nyc. The art gallery was established in October 04).
  • By Art Addiction Company
  • Online Fur Fashion Site Launched
  • Minka's Furs offers people the opportunity to own gorgeous genuine fur fashions (see that are both trendy and affordable. The online business start-up was established with the idea that everyone should be able to own fashion-forward items, without budget being an obstacle.
  • By Minkas Furs