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  • W Karin Hall
  • 2247a Old Middlefield Way Mtn View, CA
  • Phone: 650-940-1196
  • URL: http://www.wtrs.net
  • WTRS (West Technology Research Solutions) provides decision makers and strategists with the latest research and analysis on emerging wireless technologies. Located in California, WTRS has a ten year history providing the leading independent viewpoint on emerging wireless technologies, markets and applications. We're ready to help your company make market decisions and plan for the future.
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  • ASTAV Technology to Conquer Theft of Passwords Now Available
  • ASTAV has spent almost 10 years successfully developing intellectual technological tools to thwart those who want to disrupt online security with malicious or criminal intent. Their systems and patent portfolios will be presented for auction to forward thinking companies on July 26th at ICAP Patent Brokerage.
  • July 13, 2012
  • Opportunity for Low Power Embedded WiFi Eclipses ZigBee Market Potential
  • A new West Technology Research Solutions report evaluates current market position of low power embedded WiFi and identifies opportunities for market growth by application. The report includes coverage of significant market participants and requirements in major application areas.
  • May 02, 2011