October 24, 2011 Latest News

  • Billing Precision Offers Online Practice Management Solution
  • Dr. Brian Capra created Billing Precision from his extensive experience as a chiropractor. From that experience, which included just about every business scenario and challenge imaginable, he developed a complete management solution that is Internet-based. The online billing and scheduling platform makes invoicing, scheduling appointments and insurance claim submissions easy.
  • By Digital Media Solutions
  • Harris CapRock Opens New FieldAccess Service Centers in Texas
  • Harris CapRock Communications, a global provider of fully managed communications for remote and harsh environments, today announced the further development of its FieldAccess™ communications solution with the opening of two service centers in Odessa and San Antonio, Texas, to enhance rapid, local service and support to clients' land drilling operations.
  • By Business Updates
  • Hypothyroidism Book Puts Sufferers on the Road to Recovery
  • From the creators of ThyroidDiseaseSucks.com comes the highly-anticipated new book "Overcoming Hypothyroidism: The Ultimate Guide to Recovery." The book details what's wrong with conventional hypothyroidism treatments, why many patients continue to have symptoms after being put on synthetic hormones and most importantly, how you can regain your health by making simple diet and lifestyle changes.
  • By Thyroid Disease Support Center
  • Sassy Scrubs Announces New Clearance Scrubs Outlet
  • The highly successful e-commerce company Sassy Scrubs announces their innovative Clearance Scrubs Outlet service, which provides nurses and doctors with a chance to purchase quality work-wear at a cost-conscious price. This new Outlet has become very attractive to scrubs buyers in today's economy, offering customers a great "try me" incentive.
  • By Sassy Scrubs