Arab Non- Violence Society Commemorated United Nations Day

Top Quote Foreign Affairs Advisor of the Arab Non- Violence Society Dr. Naseer Homoud's statement on United Nations Day. He emphasized that the observance of UN Day serves as a reminder that the world is common home and through dialogue and cooperation among all, the problems could be solved. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) October 24, 2011 - Marking the United Nations Day Dr. Naseer Homoud, Foreign Affairs Advisor of Arab Non- Violence Society and Honorary Member of Arab Youth Media Forum said "UN Day is a time both to reflect on the accomplishments of the organization and to consider how best to address the challenges it continues to face. It is the privilege of the world to have UN on board and the role and efforts of UN while dealing global and national issues are really commendable and deserves appreciation from all corners of the world. Without the UN, international relations are even hard to envisage; the international diplomacy of the UN has helped to make the world a civilized and better place in which to live".

    The purposes of the United Nations, as set out in the UN Charter, are to maintain international peace and security; to develop friendly relations among nations; to cooperate in solving international economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems and in promoting respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; and to be a center for harmonizing the actions of nations in attaining these common ends.

    Delivering his keynote address to mark the occasion Dr. Homoud opined that no institution embodies the global community more than the United Nations. In the last half century the UN and its agencies have, on a shoestring budget, improved the health of millions, acted as a key player in the decolonization movement and assisted with elections in over 70 countries. Additionally, the UN has played a major role in defusing international crises, resolving protracted conflict and ending civil wars. UN relief agencies help to aid and protect more than 25 million refugees and displaced persons throughout the world, and the UN is the premier vehicle for furthering development in poorer countries and providing food aid.

    He called upon all members of UN and all affiliated agencies to come out with revised plans and mechanism to deal with all emergent crises like human rights violation, poverty, hunger, malnutrition, global warming, epidemic, and food shortage among others. The activities of the United Nations in maintaining and building world peace and security, the process of global disarmament, stimulating a balanced economic and social progress, and developing human rights protection, to fight world hunger, poverty and malnutrition, to mention some of the more important, are still a proof of the UN's dedication to the dialogue from which no one should be excluded. "Although global challenges have changed significantly since the founding of the UN, its basic goal remains the same - to build trust among the nations of the world. Let us join today, and not only today, all of those who selflessly promote the ideas of the UN community" he urged.

    "It is indeed a matter of great satisfaction that the principles and purposes enshrined in the Charter have come to represent the true aspirations of the humanity and stand relevant and useful for the conduct of international relations. On this day, I would like to reiterate Arab Non- Violence Society's profound faith and confidence in the UN Charter and express our determination to work for the protection of human dignity and worth of all individuals without distinction as to race, sex, language, color or creed and to fight world hunger and malnutrition problems which are real poltergeist of our contemporary civilization", he said.

    He maintained that patience, perseverance and the support and engagement of citizens around the globe are needed to ensure a strong United Nations. "It is the responsibility of all citizens who believe in the potential of international cooperation to bring about peace and solve economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian problems to persuade our leaders to put their full weight behind the United Nations", said Dr. Homoud.

    Supporting the UN mandate of MDGs Dr. Homoud maintained that MDGs remain a centerpiece of the democratic government's development efforts. "The document which touched on virtually every aspect of global issues beyond the headings of each of the eight MDGs, from human rights to corruption to climate change, focused particularly on actions, policies and strategies to support those developing countries that are lagging most behind and those goals that are most off track, thus improving the lives of the poorest people", he said.

    Speaking on dire need to accomplish MDGs Dr. Homoud said "The Millennium Declaration symbolizes the vital commitments ever committed to the marginalized people and they look world community with high aspirations for changing their lives. We have to ensure the smile and happiness on their face and if we fail, destiny shall never pardon us". He further advocated for unconditional support from all corners including governments and other stakeholders towards achieving MDGs as set by the United Nations.

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