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  • We are a equipment dealer for e-readers such as the Kindle DX, Kindle 2, and Barnes and Noble Nook.

    We also sell Leather bound covers for those receivers and offer a two year extended warranty on our electronic Readers
Goodereader Press Release -

  • Good E-Reader Magazine Now Available
  • Good E-Reader released a new magazine focusing on Electronic Readers, Slates, and Tablet PC's.
  • With the success of their blog reaching 100,000 visitors a month Good E-Reader has released a great new Magazine whose strict focus is on E-Readers br ...
  • April 03, 2010
  • Good E-Reader - Launching Our New Website For Electronic Readers Such As The Barnes And Noble Nook And Kindle DX
  • E-Readers are a new and emerging "must have" accessory that is sweeping the market by storm. Barnes and Nobles could not even predict the onslaught of people to purchase their new "Nook" E-Reader, there is s market shortage, but GoodEREADER can service the public with this hard to get item.
  • is pleased to announce that we are a new Vancouver Company specializing in Electronic Readers to ship worldwide

    Electr ...
  • November 29, 2009