September 14, 2013 Latest News

  • MakroCare Expands CPC
  • MakroCare expands CPC (Clinical Processing Center), it offers centralized, regional or local clinical processing services to biopharmaceutical and device companies.
  • By Makrocare
  • Buddy Launches The "Buddy" Leisure Boot
  • Mack Boots Global General Manager Grant Tuckett said he and his team have thoroughly enjoyed working with Franklin and given his natural flair in this area he expects to see the 'Buddy' range develop and extend over the coming years.
  • By Mack Boots
  • Alight Analytics Announces New Client: BrickHouse Security
  • BrickHouse Security, a leading security company providing solutions and consulting services to approximately half of the Fortune 500 and more than 500 local and national government agencies, has chosen Alight Analytics to provide multi-channel marketing measurement and web analytics services.
  • By Alight Analytics