Talygen's Newest Release Enables Employee Management, Communication and Collaboration

Top Quote Talygen, the world leader in Business Management Automation, has introduced advanced Employee Management, Communication and Collaboration functionality in its newest release, to help Managers and their Employees to work together more productively. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) September 14, 2013 - Communication and Collaboration between Managers and their Employees has become increasingly difficult and time consuming as the workplace has become more virtual and Employees are working on multiple Projects simultaneously. Managers have faced challenges in communicating with their Team and ensuring that the Team Members are working in effective and timely manner. In addition, Managers have also struggled to audit Employee work-days to ensure that the required work is being done correctly. Another planning problem for Managers is lack of visibility of Employee Calendar. Third party Employee Management, Communication and Collaboration solutions exist but are hard to manage as they are not integrated with the dashboards and portals used by Companies. Talygen, the world leader in Business Management Automation, has now introduced advanced Employee Management Communication and Collaboration functionality in its industry leading Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) web application. With this functionality, both Manager and their Employees now finally have a way to engage in productive Communication and Collaboration.

    Talygen's enables Managers to quickly manage and review Project statuses and view Messages, Alerts and Team information and see everything about their Business Work-day in a glance. Managers now have instant access to the work output of each Employee and are able to see in real-time the progress on a Project with industry leading features like Time Tracking, Activity Logger, Employee Desktop Screenshots, Message Board, Milestones as well as many other features. Managers can feel secure that work is being done is on schedule and is billable. Employees too can feel confident that their hard work is being well documented.

    Talygen not only helps to plan, organize and manage Projects but also assists in comparing planned costs versus actual costs. It lets Managers know about the time being spent on each Project. With a full Invoicing functionality, Talygen allows Managers to then easily bill Clients for completed milestones. With Talygen's powerful and unique Project Management and Time Management solutions, Companies finally have all the tools they need to enable them to better manage their Projects and its associated costs.

    Talygen is loaded with Employee Management , Communication and Collaboration features as:
    Managers can easily track the time being spent on each Project or Task
    Ability to compare planned costs versus actual costs
    Weekly time limits for each Project can be set by the Manager
    Collect Screenshots from an Employee desktop (for Windows, Linux and Mac desktops)
    Ability to flag ineligible Screenshots
    Easy Reports to help inform Managers how the work-day of each Employee was spent.
    Managers can view Employee Calendars
    Ability to approve or deny leave requests
    Managers can assign priority to Tasks
    Message Boards for optimum communications
    Knowledge Base to share information with Team Members
    Share documents via the built in Cloud based storage system
    Ability to Measure Employee performance.
    Ability to quickly view Alerts, Notifications, Messages, etc.

    With this launch, Talygen once again has solidified its position as the best Business Management Automation application in the marketplace today. A full list of features can be viewed at: http://talygen.com/dashboard.

    Harold Saini, Chief Program Manager of Talygen, stated, "We have made Talygen the most advanced Business Management Automation package in the industry today. Companies can run their entire business using Talygen. Processes and workflows that previously had to be managed manually or via individual software applications can now be managed via Talygen. This application is an amazing product for any business organization, big or small. You can manage every aspect of your business, employees, contractors, and customers. With the introduction of these advanced Employee Management, Communication and Collaboration features, Managers and their Employees now have an robust way to manage their work relationship. With Talygen, Managers now have more control over their Projects and can easily manage and audit their Team Members directly. Managers benefit from having direct visibility into each Employee's workday, which allows them to quickly focus on problem areas. This, then, leads to increased productivity and adherence to timeliness."

    Talygen's newest release of its industry leading Business Management Automation application has helped change the way Business Owners and Managers communicate with their Employees and Clients. Talygen offers advanced features that are not available anywhere else in the marketplace. With Talygen this entire suite of advanced business productivity applications is available, fully integrated, in just one easy to use application. Talygen is a Cloud based SaaS web application with a very easy to use touch friendly interface and easy scalability. There is no other Business Management Automation application with Talygen's advanced features and rich customizable work flows.

    Talygen has been designed from the ground up to work both with all major browsers on PCs and Macs as well as all major tablets in the 10" and 7" range. The core Talygen application needs no installation as it is a pure web based application and will work with any modern internet enabled browser. Talygen also offers state of the art custom apps on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry to help keep its customers organized. In addition, Talygen also offers optional desktop solutions for Windows, Mac and Linux, for companies wanting OS specific features like screen capture and activity logger. Thus, Talygen is available to everyone in the office or on the go.

    About Talygen
    Talygen is the worldwide leader in Business Management Automation. Talygen's integrated suite of services and processes allows Businesses to manage all of their core workflows via our Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) application. Talygen allows Companies to automate, regulate and enforce their corporate processes. Talygen empowers Businesses and their Employees to manage the full set of corporate tasks without having to install specialized software for each of them. With its wide variety of features, easy to use concepts and enhanced functionality, it allows end to end process management and seamless communication between all stakeholders in a Project or Business. In today's competitive business environment, successful Companies are constantly challenged with managing the entire life cycle of a project efficiently and transparently. With Talygen, Companies now have more ways than ever to make that happen.

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