July 28, 2011 Latest News

  • Tootzypop Launches Daily Blog For Women Over 40
  • "We're a group of savvy, stereotype-smashing city gals," states the Tootzypop homepage, "who have a lot to say about the sweet (and sour) of being 40 plus." Tootzypop launched July 1, 2011, and reaches women over 40 with a daily blog post and email. Ten writers dissect the issues middle aged women are thinking about, and offer readers a new angle on how to approach the issues in their own life.
  • By Tootzypop
  • CDM Media Partners with Toolbox.com
  • CDM Media company has formed a strategic event partnership with Toolbox.com, a network of online communities that allows users to access the collective knowledge of a group of industry professionals.
  • By Cdm Media