June 24, 2014 Latest News

  • Noah Francis Johnson unveils new E.P 'Harvest Tree' and announcement of new project
  • Noah Francis Johnson has been getting an increasing amount of attention since his debut album Life & Times. With a feature on a BBC One four part television series, an invitation to record Ray Charles unfinished project, backing by Quincy Jones, along with international press and radio appearances. Including an international one hour live special with BFBS Radio and coverage on London Live.
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  • GL Announces Optical Channelized Emulation and Analysis
  • GL Communications Inc., announced today the release of its latest product LightSpeed1000™ with Channelized Emulation and Analysis of T1s and E1s - With its unique architecture, literally thousands of DS0s within T1s and E1s can be accessed directly within an optical SONET or SDH structure - with ease for emulation and analysis.
  • By Gl Communications Inc
  • Benny Page to release new single Champion Sound
  • "If you don't know about Benny Page…make sure you get to know.... We are loving the sound of this" MOBO Awards (Official) "Benny Page is going to be a complete tear down". Glastonbury Festivals "This tune is massive!" BBC Radio One
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