May 24, 2016 Latest News

  • "Film in Georgia" presented at Cannes festival exhibition
  • Georgia who is rugged with its beautiful mountain scenery and the spectacular Black Sea coastline along with historic capital, the city has a vast array of cinematically attractive locations to entice International filmmakers and It seems that movie producers from Bollywood and Hollywood started taking note, for the Caucasus country offering to them.
  • By Worldnewsnetwork
  • Blood Donation Day in Creta Maris
  • "Blood Donation Day" event is a way for Creta Maris Beach Resort to express its tangible social contribution. It is worth mentioning that a total of 47 employees were willing to donate blood, while 35 of them managed to do so, by receiving the final approval of the responsible physician.
  • By Maris Hotels
  • Refreshed Krystal Restaurants Coming to a Market Near You
  • The Krystal Company has delighted guests with great tasting food at a great value for more than 80 years. Now, they are refreshing their iconic look vibrant colors, LED lighting and digitally enhanced menus. Krystal® is revamping their look by adding modern touches but maintains the southern heritage of the brand.
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