May 25, 2016 Latest News

  • Out of the Box Marketing Confex
  • Salesgasm is all set to organize its next "Out of the Box Marketing Confex" in Hong Kong on 28 June 2016. The Confex will be an innovative, educational and networking event for marketing, advertising, market research and sales professionals.
  • By Salesgasm
  • Launch of the iNvictus Masters of Fate Fellowship Program
  • iNvictus' Non-profit division releases their EMERGE (Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Economic Development, Research, Growth in Business and Education) program to the public! This program addresses the inequities minority entrepreneurs face as they develop their company. iNvictus Forward Outreach has chosen 8 strategic small business owners within STEM fields to Master their Fate!
  • By Invictus Office Center
  • Local San Diego Homeless Charity Helping Bags Expands into Los Angeles
  • Helping Bags was created in San Diego to help the homeless by handing out once a month bags filled with necessities to live on the street such as bottle of Helping Bags water, box of raisins, throat lozenges, new pair of heavy duty socks, toilet paper, toothbrush & toothpaste kit, bar of soap, bandages, and an organic food bar.
  • By Helping Bags