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  • A revolutionary app Prsy is loaded which introduces an absolutely new way to stamp your identity in the popular app stores. Head into a new style of using social media & connect with the world. A simple but effective concept to build your own brand in cyberspace without any interference of other social media networks. Get registered in Prsy & find your app in popular app stores after approval. A golden chance to build your own social network mobile app under your name and photo. It's a time to move on by accepting a new fashion of utilizing social media.
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  • Own social media app through Prsy- A modern way of interaction
  • Prsy- A revolutionary social networking app is getting good hits in a market. It is serving the social media addicted folks with their personal apps without any technical skills. Just a registration to be an owner of social media app.
  • Time to explore the world in a quite new style! A revolutionary app has been launched in the category of Social Media Apps. Within a short time, it ha ...
  • July 03, 2016
  • Prsy: Pushing a trend of owning a personal social media app
  • Prsy has been published in the popular app stores with a fresh concept that allows people to get the social networking app under their names & photos.
  • It's a sizzling news for the Social Media lovers! They can enhance their experience of doing social media with their own app. Prsy has been launched i ...
  • May 24, 2016