May 08, 2012 Latest News

  • The Network Automation Conference 2012 In Paris: Beyond Automating Networks
  • What are the latest technologies and approaches that will streamline network operations, increase agility, and reduce costs? How are carriers planning to leverage these in the short and long-term? What solutions must network equipment vendors provide to enable network automation? What are the new designs and workflows? Responses will be given during NWA Conference in Paris 19/21 June.
  • By Upperside Conferences
  • NCPH Excellence In Consulting Award Goes To S&ME
  • S&ME was given the Group Award Winner for Excellence in Consulting for its 2006-2011 research on archaeological and historical sites along the Lake Murray shoreline and the Lower Saluda River, including the Tree House archaeological site, one of the oldest, most important such sites in the Southeast, where S&ME recovered more than 37,000 artifacts ranging from 800 to 13,500 years old. The work shed much light on the history and pre-history of the region and the lives of early inhabitants.
  • By Sme Engineering