April 12, 2017 Latest News

  • HeyPayLess Develops DuoTrac: The Pathway To Virtual Golf Gaming
  • As the world of development grows and expands by the day, HeyPayLess is taking the next leap in gaming technology by bringing virtual reality to golf with DuoTrac, An application that allows coaching, training, and mentoring of an user by a coach through the screen by the power of technology.
  • By Heypayless
  • Two Innovations in Spring - DENSO launches UR20 Scanner Series
  • New UR20 product range with RFID technology by DENSO is now on the market. nventor of the QR Code launches innovative scanners. / UR20 scanner series with modern RFID technology. / Scanners optimize the workflow in the retail industry. / UR21 and UR22 can be implemented especially in clothing shops and smaller warehouses for retail and logistic applications.
  • By Denso Auto-id Business Unit
  • The Dark Side of Technology
  • At Philly Tech Week 2017, one event will be less a celebration of technology than a warning of the toll it may be taking on our intelligence, empathy, and happiness.
  • By Ima