April 07, 2012 Latest News

  • Tea Leaf Reading Application Released to Public on Facebook Platform
  • Unique daily tea leaf reading app launched on Facebook platform. Mifo spent the last two years studying the ancient form of tea leaf reading (also known as tasseography). The result provides users with a realistic experience of having their fortune told by analyzing the tea leaves in the cup and interpreting the meaning of shapes that are found.
  • By Mifo
  • Smart Congress Organized By Success Resources Set In Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Success Resources is an organization that involves in the promotion of both enterprise and personal development programmes all over the continents of Australia, Europe and not the lease, Asia. Our audience and followers come from more than 15 countries of over 200,000 participants that are willing to participate and partake our offer of knowledge and have let our programmes touched their lives.
  • By Success Resources