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  • Mike Foitzik
  • 1968 Valindo Way, Vista, CA
  • Phone: 760-542-8350
  • URL: http://www.mifo.com
  • Mifo was founded in 1996 as a professional-grade online application development company. Our services have evolved since then to cover sophisticated business consulting, custom software applications (both online and offline), business process consulting, and revenue creation programs. We are now taking that experience and evolving our service offerings to include custom Facebook application development utilizing our MifoBase%u2122 technology.
Mifo Press Release -


  • Tea Leaf Reading Application Released to Public on Facebook Platform
  • Unique daily tea leaf reading app launched on Facebook platform. Mifo spent the last two years studying the ancient form of tea leaf reading (also known as tasseography). The result provides users with a realistic experience of having their fortune told by analyzing the tea leaves in the cup and interpreting the meaning of shapes that are found.
  • Vista, CA - Mifo, a development firm involved with online application development since 1996, has released its first consumer oriented entertainment a ...
  • April 07, 2012