February 16, 2012 Latest News

  • Thai law firm explores new corruption survey
  • A recent survey shows the majority of Thai people believe corruption is likely to increase due to current economic instability and loopholes in Thailand law. Leading Thai law company BSA Law has reviewed the poll and current legislation aimed at reducing corruption.
  • By Bsa Law 
  • The African pharmaceutical cold chain summit
  • IQPC's Cold Chain and Logistics Africa 2012 summit will bring together supply chain, logistics, regulatory and quality leaders from all pharmaceutical stakeholders in the region, including biopharma companies, government, academia, logistics firms, and regulatory authorities.
  • By Iqpc Mena
  • Adglobal360 New Website Launch
  • AGL has been offering business to brands by developing digital marketing programs. Facilitating businesses connect with their audience, the company generates qualified leads thereby leading to handsome online sales.
  • By Adglobal360 India Pvt Ltd
  • CureMD Introduces SMART Cloud EMR
  • CureMD Healthcare introduces New Smart Cloud EMR which is specially designed All-in-One smart EMR solution that includes PM, patient portal, free hosting, data security, backup, upgrades, maintenance and support services.
  • By Curemd Healthcare Inc.
  • Aberdeen Group sees Classification as Key to Successful Data Loss Prevention
  • A recent Analyst Insight report from Aberdeen Group Vice President and Research Fellow Derek Brink outlines the benefits to organizations of classifying data in order to effectively protect it. Data classification is a capability that is consistently linked with the best performing organizations in the area of data loss prevention.
  • By Titus