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  • V-retail - Launched SaaS Product
  • Ink In Caps, a leading MarTech Studio known for its tech-first interactive & immersive solutions, launched V-retail as an AI-powered virtual sales tool to help brands build real-time connect with their website visitors through chat. voice and video call.
  • By Ink In Caps - March 01, 2024
  • Kopyst Revolutionizes Documentation with New Desktop App
  • Kopyst revolutionizes documentation with its Desktop app, offering unparalleled simplicity in guide creation. The free, collaborative platform streamlines projects, tailoring guides for diverse needs, and empowers users to share across platforms effortlessly. CEO emphasizes a user-centric approach, marking Kopyst's commitment to ease of use.
  • By Kopyst - February 22, 2024
  • New Song Hits the Virtual World in Realistic Metaverse
  • Dive into our digital world with our first-ever song, a mix of cool music and virtual places. Created by Vishal Garg, it lets you explore places like the Dubai Mall in a whole new way. Find it on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube Music. This isn't just any song—it's your ticket to an amazing online adventure. Join us and see how music and tech come together to create something awesome!
  • By Lokaverse - February 18, 2024
  • DeskTrack Introduces Real-Time Monitoring for Enhanced Workplace Efficiency
  • DeskTrack, a leading employee time tracking and monitoring software, has launched real-time monitoring capabilities to help businesses enhance workplace efficiency. The software provides detailed insights into employee productivity, offering statistics on time spent on tasks, application and internet usage, active and inactive hours, and project advancement. With DeskTrack, employers can track an
  • By Desktrack - February 17, 2024
  • Sunil Jagani's Key Takeaways from OpenAI's First Developer Conference
  • OpenAI is known as a leader in new ideas and thinking for the future. Since it started, this AI study room has tirelessly increased what can be done with artificial intelligence. It helps a lot in the areas of teaching and real-world use for these ideas. OpenAI's work, like GPT-3 and DALL-E, has caught the attention of tech people. It also made them talk about how humans will interact with AI in the future.
  • By Alliancetek - February 06, 2024