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  • OpenPath Partners with PAAY to Bring 3DS to Merchants
  • OpenPath is excited to announce the launch of a partnership with PAAY, a leading consumer authentication service that is simple, secure and seamless to implement. PAAY’s EMV 3DS solutions authenticate consumers at the point of interaction on the web. Benefits include: a chargeback liability shift, increase in authorizations, and PSD2/SCA compliance.
  • By Openpath - November 21, 2020
  • This Start-up Is Turning Smartphones Into a Call Center
  • Kolkata based startup, Avifa infotech has developed a software that can turn your phone into a call center. The application is named Godial, as it doubles up as an autodialer. The users do not need to pay for any kind of VOIP charges. The software is aimed to cater to the individuals and organizations that require calling in bulk every day.
  • By Godial - November 12, 2020