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  • Space EA Unveils Hidden Technology for Next Generation Satellites
  • This new technology called 'PAVISE' has the ability to hide satellite transmissions so that they are totally undiscernible. Hackers cannot hack what they cannot see. It's a collaborative effort with Space EA and an Austin-based cyber security technology company. Space EA technology and engineering professionals have over 35 years’ experience working with the Department of Defense and NASA.
  • By Space Ea - August 31, 2022
  • GL.iNet Launches SF1200 – A Low-Cost Dual-band OpenWrt Router
  • GL.iNet, a world-leading developer of network hardware and software, is excited to introduce our new OpenWrt router, the GL-SF1200. It is a low-cost dual-band network device that supports 30+ VPN services for encrypting network traffic and includes a remote device management platform for remote configuration, batch update and monitor network analytics.
  • By Gl.inet - December 07, 2021
  • Vidgum, the MCN with the 100/0 revenue share
  • Vidgum is an innovative international YouTube multi channel network that entered the market in 2020 with a revolutionary offer: 100/0 terms for all partners without exception. In other words, when becoming a part of the partner network, a creator does not pay for technical support, content protection via Content ID, legal assistance in resolving copyright disputes, and other basic services.
  • By Vidgum - October 09, 2020