December 03, 2012 Latest News

  • Tata Motors November sales at 66,500 nos.
  • Tata Motors' total sales (including exports) of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles in November 2012 were 66,500 vehicles. The company's domestic sales of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles for November 2012 were 62,354 nos., over 72,474 nos., sold in November last year.
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  • Robot Built House Replacement developed For Flood Victims by Florida "Think Tank"
  • With an increasing number of homes considered completely destroyed in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, a science study group has developed a way to replace them in 14 days using robotics packed into a portable factory. Called "Quikiehome Maker" it produces the shell for a complete 1500 sq.ft 3BR/2bath house using walls made robotically from a mixture of plastics and concrete on the foundation.
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