September 15, 2010 Latest News

  • Foreign Exchange Markets 2010 Part 3: Shaw Capital Management
  • The recent State of the Union message to Congress by President Obama included a request for the approval of a further fiscal stimulus package this year amounting to around $100 billion to help to tackle the unemployment problem, and he has also presented a $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal 2011 that is likely to maintain the overall deficit around the $1.35 trillion level expected this year.
  • By Shaw Capital Management
  • Urgent Care Las Vegas Announces Online Services for Preventive Care
  • Urgent Care Las Vegas has gone online to provide swift healthcare services that need immediate assistance. The service provider also provides online prescription for clients. Medical Clinic Las Vegas aims to provide high quality health care services to the people. The Las Vegas medical center is also on the list of medical health care service providers that are very efficient.
  • By Urgent Care Of Las Vegas
  • SOLAR 21 lights up World Climate Solutions in Copenhagen
  • In partnership with the Ecole Centrale, in Paris, Edgar Hardy, CEO of Solar 21, has developed Mona, an LED solar light which can be used in both domestic and commercial premises. The Mona light, which is portable, wireless, lightweight, easy to use, and capable of lighting a room of 15m˛, will be showcased at the World Climate Solutions trade show in Copenhagen (Denmark) from 29 September to 30 S.
  • By Mission Economique Ubifrance Londres
  • Clarinetist Thomas Piercy October Appearances In NYC
  • Clarinetist Thomas Piercy will appear in several concerts during October in NYC. He will be joined by the newly Latin Grammy-nominated bassist Pablo Aslan. Mr. Piercy will be joined in these exciting and varied concerts by the bassist Pablo Aslan, a recent Latin Grammy nominee for Best Tango Album (Tango Grill), pianist Claudine Hickman and guitarist Vilian Ivantchev.
  • By Tonada Productions
  • IIMSAM Official Observed International Day of Democracy
  • IIMSAM Middle East Director & Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Naseer Homoud message on International Day of Democracy. He urged governments to ensure people participation in governance and asserted that without realizing the essence of egalitarianism, spirit of democracy could not be achieved.
  • By Iimsam