September 12, 2011 Latest News

  • Made in the USA! - Las Vegas' Only Red Skelton Tribute Show
  • Most Americans are catching on to the fact that if we want America to prosper in this tough economic environment, we need to support American businesses. Americans can find quality and value taking pride in the only Las Vegas show that pays tribute to a true American classic comedian who was born in the USA, Richard Bernard Skelton.
  • By Red Skelton Comedy Show 
  • Morgan James Publishing Releases "The Naked Executive"
  • "The Naked Executive" is a handbook to learn to tell the truth about anything to anyone. It was written for anyone that has ever thought, "this isn't my life, I have no choices, what in the world am I doing". It is an honest look at how we build "fake" lives and the process of unraveling them, one lie at a time.
  • By Morgan James Publishing
  • 3D Plus - Glasses-Free 3D for iPhone 4 - Kickstarter project
  • In the search for alternative funding 3D plus has started a Kickstarter project. For those in the know, is a place where creative projects can look for funding. Turn your iPhone into a 3D viewing and gaming platform with a simple plastic film over the screen.
  • By 3d Plus
  • Prep Mentor Education To Continue Offering CFA Crash Course.
  • Prep Mentor Education (, a company offering prep courses for CFA and FRM certifications, has today announced that it will continue offering the Crash Course for CFA Level I exams. Prep Mentor had announced in July this year that they will offer a crash course for CFA Level I exams on a test basis to evaluate if this can help students who already have a fair amount of knowledge and understanding of the financial markets.
  • By Prep Mentor Education