September 11, 2011 Latest News

  • Unveils Its New Official Logo
  • - a leading online media site that promotes young artists in music and the arts unveiled its new logo today. It's designed to reflect the site's commitment to young talent in all aspects of the arts. The blue and red colors used in the logo are complementary and make the logo stand out, while also creating an aesthetically pleasing feeling for the viewer. The modern and expre
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  • Citizen Centricity Another Dimension To The Icentered Paradigm
  • Icentered blog ( added another dimension to the Icentered paradigm and the new lens of Icentricity includes "Citizen Centricity". User centricity is mainly related to the approach that puts the user at the center. Here is elaborating the "User Centricity" approach to "Citizen Centricity", within the existing user centric paradigm.
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