May 31, 2013 Latest News

  • Real Girls Offering Lingerie For The Average Women
  • Real Girls recognizes that no women is average, we all are special in certain ways and deserve special things. Real Girls may be called average lingerie because we specialize in lingerie for Missy size 8 to 18 commonly known as average sizing. But just like the average women, there is nothing average about Real Girls lingerie.
  • By Real Girls
  • The "Manuel Diaz Ruiz" Won his Second Project
  • 3D Printers, an online platform with printable objects in three dimensions and a simple operating system for people of any age can carry out this type of printing is the suite of products offered by Diego Gomez torrijeño within your project "RascomRas" are also very important where other areas like chemistry to innovate with new materials that can perform printing.
  • By Ayuntamiento De Torrijos
  • Poetry in Pearls at Kris Restaurant in Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Dubai
  • Hailing from Beijing, Ying Feng is a jewellery designer who embodies high-society elegance. Fusing classic and contemporary style, her distinctive designs transcend time and trends. And now for the first time, people in Dubai were able to see her beautiful creations at an exclusive exhibition 'Pearls & Jewels' held at the Kris restaurant in Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Dubai on May 29, 2013.
  • By Marketing Pro Junction
  • Access2 unlocks new capability with Dynamics NAV
  • Azzure IT is a specialist ERP solution provider with over 20 years' experience delivering software solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Specialising in end-to-end Microsoft Dynamics-based IT solutions, Azzure IT helps businesses improve efficiency and productivity in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, distribution, process, service and professional services.
  • By Azzure It
  • On Site Energy offers Temporary Cooling Solutions
  • On Site Energy offers temporary cooling solutions for companies facing heat waves, equipment failures and special events in older buildings. The company also rents power cables, transformers and generators along with emergency air conditioning equipment.
  • By On Site Energy
  • Despicable Me 2 Features the Distinct Sound of Leslie Brathwaite
  • Behind every great musician, there is a skilled engineer who works around the clock mixing all aspects of a song's sound to make it a pop success. As a recording and mix engineer, Leslie Brathwaite works behind the scenes for superstar performers such as Beyoncé, Akon, Madonna, Mary J. Blige and Ludacris.
  • By Co And P