May 02, 2011 Latest News

  • Morgan James Publishing Releases "Turning Myths Into Money"
  • Homeowners are in trouble, and home buyers are afraid. They all need help. "Turning Myths into Money: An Insiders Guide to Winning the Real Estate Game", will provide that help. This is a "one source" text, filled with insider secrets, answers, tips, and real solutions to guide homeowners, home buyers, and investors through these turbulent times.
  • By Morgan James Publishing
  • New Farmland Investment Funds to Launch in a Near Perfect Storm
  • The following current events create a near "perfect storm" for the launch of American Farmland Partners' Agricultural Real Estate Investment Funds. · Inflationary concerns · Continued economic uncertainty and market fluctuations · Global loss of millions of acres of farmland each year from urbanization and climate change · Growing world population and increased demand for grains and food And
  • By Farmland Marketing Group
  • Swedbank to Repurchase Own Shares
  • The Board of Directors of Swedbank has decided - based on the resolution by the Annual General Meeting on 25 March - to repurchase up to 10 percent of total outstanding shares in Swedbank, corresponding to approximately 116 million shares. Preference shares as well as ordinary shares will be repurchased.
  • By Business Updates
  • WinCup(R) Launches New Stock Print Line- Botanicals(TM)
  • WinCup, Inc. ("WinCup") announced the launch of a new stock print line named Botanicals™ today. The new print will be available in 8-44oz. cups, 32 and 44oz. car cups and 8-16oz. food containers. Each size cup is differentiated by being printed in a distinct color chosen from a palette of rich, modern hues.
  • By Wincup
  • Veteran Resilient Radio Personality Jimi Bruce Releases Memoir Book
  • The first time inside the musical radio mind of Jimi Bruce, a surviving veteran of the days when being an on-air personality was more about the fun of the DISC jockeys than the business of DESK jockeys, as it is presently, now that corporate take-overs nullified the gains terrestrial radio made in minority and local ownership from the 1970s - the early 1990s; plus his personal revelation stories.
  • By Imij Produckshunz